Translate key communication during high stake global operations using MCGs and a bot

Translate key communication during high stake global operations using MCGs and a bot

Facebook has a Crisis Response team which launches safety checks during natural disasters, violent events, and major accidents (e.g. a building collapse) and offers ‘Community Help’ where people can ask for and offer help.

Given the global nature of the Crisis Response effort, prompt translations of critical information – notably the crisis name and description – in the various local languages is paramount to ensure speedy transmission of information to the target audience (i.e. individuals marked as living within a certain distance of the crisis location).

To streamline the translation process, Facebook first created a “Crisis Response Translations – Operations” multi-company group (MCG), which is dedicated to notifying external translators about crises that need updates in various languages and tracking translations to completion. Further, Facebook developed a Crisis Translations Bot service which ‘scrapes’ a specified data source, updated regularly with the latest crises, and automatically posts in the MCG the requested translation, tagging the top 3 translators that are marked as available at that point in time.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Identify existing workflows that can be moved to Workplace and automated. Drive efficiencies in the way your employees work across your organisation by analysing current ways of working and identifying how Workplace bots, MCGs and other features can streamline and simplify these processes. Top Tip: Identify key personas that represent the core roles and responsibilities within your company, and run a ‘Day in the Life’ analysis to determine where Workplace can serve to simplify or replace time-consuming, burdensome processes.
  2. Create a MCG to interact with individuals or companies external to your company. Invite consultants, agencies, suppliers, providers, and any other external entity – whether independent or as part of a larger corporation – to the MCG so as to collaborate on projects, complete tasks and otherwise get work done together. Top Tip: Outline the group’s purpose in a pinned post so as to set expectations for new and existing members from the outset.
  3. Identify which repeat processes can be automated using a bot. Align technical resources who have experience in working with APIs, either in-house or from a third party, to create a time bound launch plan for the bot and program manage it to completion. Technical documentation on Workplace bots can be found here.

About Facebook

Facebook is an online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California, USA. It was founded in 2004 and currently has more than 25,000 employees globally. Facebook is the creator of enterprise collaboration platform Workplace, one of several internet services it owns.

More about the company here.

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