Train your leadership pipeline through Workplace

Train your leadership pipeline through Workplace

The intensive ‘I LEAD’ program of LTI is targeted to prepare the first-time leaders take on enterprise-level leadership roles. While there are weekly webinars scheduled for discussing a new learning concept, the major learning for the participants takes place through the digital platform – Workplace in the form of weekly assignments and discussion boards where participants exchange ideas with their batch mates on Workplace.

The training team creates a dedicated Workplace group for each batch of this program. Posting rights are reserved with the training team to keep the content official. Over the course of a six week program the training team shares the following types of content on this group:

  • LTI Leadership speak videos
  • Video for discussion boards
  • Self-learning articles
  • Webinar recordings
  • Leadership Polls
  • Case studies
  • Surveys
  • eBooks

Discussion boards are conducted in the comments section of the posted videos. This not only gives a repository of what each trainee has spoken but also makes it feasible for the assessor to grade them at his convenience. Participation is tracked by the ‘Comment’ & ‘Seen By’ feature of Workplace.

Weekly assignments related to the shared content are posted on the group and participants are asked to submit them before the mentioned deadline. Pinned posts for each week act as a reminder for timely assignment completion.


  • Flexi learning at own convenience
  • Peer learning through discussion boards
  • Byte sized learning through individual posts with focused content
  • Ability for participants to stay connected even after their respective batch is over, which promotes peer learning and continued participant engagement


  • Duration of the sessions has come down from 4 months to 6 weeks as virtual engagement has become possible
  • Overall training cost has reduced by 85% due to digitisation
  • More participants can be accommodated in a batch due to ease of collaboration and lower cost
  • Participant engagement is high in the program

How to do it in your company in three simple steps

  1. Create a ‘Closed’, ‘Teams & Projects’ type group and name it appropriately. Restrict membership only through admin approval and make the program manager as the admin. Allow posting permissions to everyone [Resources here].
  2. Add the trainees, trainer, and any other relevant employees to this group as members.
  3. Start posting the training content in the form of documents or media files. Encourage trainees to engage on every post by providing clear instructions in every post [Pro tip: Posts ending with a question tend to attract higher engagement by group members].

About LTI (L&T Infotech)

LTI is a USD 970 million (2017), global top 20 IT services company with operations in 27 countries. It has 20,000+ employees helping more than 250 clients improve the effectiveness of their business and technology operations. It’s part of the USD 17 billion (2017) Larsen and Toubro group, one of the largest and most respected groups in India’s private sector.

More about the company here.

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