Train and evaluate distributed teams using bots

Train and evaluate distributed teams using bots

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance (RNLI) operates through 6000+ field sales managers spread across 600+ branches across India. With such a distributed team driving learning & development becomes expensive and challenging. And a poorly trained frontline leads to lower productivity and poor customer experience.

To overcome these challenges, RNLI leadership has kicked off a program branded ‘Digi 30’ to make learning an everyday endeavour using Workplace groups, bots, scheduled posts, and live. The program SOP covers four parts:

1. The training

Every morning at 9.15 am, a post pre-scheduled by the team gets shared on their Pan India Agency group, which has the entire agency (branch) staff in it. This post has a short learning video focused on one specific skill, e.g., detail about a specific insurance plan from the company. Every branch manager along with their sales managers is required to watch this video on their mobile phones or desktops. As people watch this video, a ‘seen by’ counter (Workplace feature) records who has or hasn’t watched this video.

2. The debrief and the huddle

This is followed by a 15-minute live huddle between each branch manager and their sales managers in which they discuss the learnings from the video and do a group activity as suggested in the video. These huddle are streamed live on the respective regional managers’ groups for feedback.

3. The evaluation

At 10 am, a three-question evaluation survey is pushed to everyone’s mobile phones through Kwench’s survey bot on their Workplace Chat. Everybody gets nudged thrice over the next 1.5 hours to fill the survey on this bot if not already done. At 11.30 am the survey closes.

4. The governance

The Workplace manager of RNLI publishes a report everyday which is sent to the training team, respective heads of departments, and the CHRO. This report has the following:

  • Training video seen report: List of branch managers who haven’t watched the day’s video. This report is generated by copying the ‘seen by’ data from the post.
  • Evaluation report card: A branch level report card of % completion and % pass rate of the evaluation survey.
  • Appreciation using gamification: A ‘Thank You’ message is sent to all branch managers (BMs) who have completed the day’s survey. BMs who have not completed the survey are asked for a reason for non-compliance. A list of top 5 and bottom 5 regional managers (branch managers’ bosses) is published everyday based on what % of their reporting branch managers viewed the day’s training content. Repeat top performers are recognised periodically on this Pan India group.

Srinivas Ladwa, CHRO, and Kavea Deep Guptaa, AVP, RNLI say

“My learner today is agile, self reliant and sharp. So has to be the training methodology and Workplace fits in like a glove. Despite a large footprint like ours, Digi30 has been extremely easy to execute because of a flexible and intuitive app, Workplace”

Benefits / Impact of Workplace

Testimonials from the branch and regional staff highlight three key benefits:

  • Increased productivity from improved capabilities, and increased confidence and motivation 
  • Improved understanding of products and skills.
  • Increase in revenue from improved productivity

Do it in your organisation in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create ‘Closed’, ‘Teams & Projects’ type Workplace groups, one for each branch, one for each regional/zonal manager above the branch level, and one at a national level [Resources here]
  2. Integrate a survey bot with your Workplace. It’s readily available from a number of Workplace partners including Kwench and is quick and easy to integrate with your Workplace
  3. Create short pieces of training content, e.g., 5-min videos, and start sharing on national level group everyday as explained in this example. Ask branch managers to live stream their daily huddle on a regional/zonal manager’s group. Use survey bot to send a short 3-question survey to everyone’s Workplace Chat to evaluate learning. Recognise top regions/managers in terms of survey completion rate and pass rate every day by making a post in the national level group.

Feel free to innovate the methodology further to suit your company needs

About Reliance Life Insurance

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance is one of the largest life insurance companies in India. They operate through a network of 600+ branches spread across 640+ cities in India. They have 8000+ employees across different channels.

70% of RNLI’s employees use Workplace everyday through more than 500 active groups for learning and engagement. They use a number of Workplace bots including Survey, Thanks, and Mood-o-Meter. As on Jan 2018, the team is working to migrate their intranet to Workplace through a combination of various Workplace features such as bots, groups, live.

More about the company here.

Credits: Thanks to Srinivas Ladwa (CHRO), Kavea Deep Guptaa (AVP), Crystal Marjorie Pinto, and Rachita Tirath Chugh from Reliance Nippon Life Insurance for sharing this story.

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