Tailor onboarding through learning groups

Project Starfish is a company that transforms the lives of those in need by creating workforce opportunities. One of their biggest challenges was onboarding trainees, who often have multiple disabilities and come from a diverse array of countries, cultures, educational and professional backgrounds. The reason this was challenging is because Project Starfish must help accelerate learning for their trainees while also measuring effectiveness, ensuring each new starter is gaining skills and confidence equally across the board and creating a customized learning experience. Implementing a new Learning Management System was too expensive and went against the concept of creating a unified platform with Workplace.

So, they started a separate learning group in Workplace where each post catered to a separate skill-based video. Trainees started commenting on the videos, which created discussions underneath some of the top videos. To deliver customized learning, Project Starfish Trainers posted customized videos and tagged the trainee who needed this customized knowledge. They were also able to follow up and see if the trainee had indeed watched the video and posted their comments.

Not only did this nonprofit organisation save money by avoiding the cost of a separate LMS system, they also made the whole process exceptionally efficient, they effectively measured progress and they helped onboard trainees with minimum intervention. Now, all new trainees go through the Workplace group and can always go back to revisit any topics they like.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create a private Workplace group for learning and invite all trainees of the given topic / area
  2. Share training content (e.g. videos, resources, etc.) focused on specific topics / lessons — call out the intended audience
  3. Encourage discussion and feedback around each topic

About Project Starfish

Project Starfish is an MIT startup exchange company that transforms lives, re-launches careers and creates workforce opportunities. Project Starfish uses a cutting-edge experiential workforce development model that includes real world simulation and gamification that creates contemporary workers. http://www.pstarfish.org/ 

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