Shift Work Communication from Personal Facebook Group to Workplace

Yeah1 Network is a multi-channel network on Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Apps, etc. To connect a team of around 300 front-end, back-end, and freelancers, they tried different tools to roll out team wide collaborations and communication, such as from their self-built platform, email, and Facebook. However, they couldn’t achieve the goal of helping all employees connect, better understanding situational analysis and improve collaboration. What was more, using social tools such as Facebook made employees private life connected too much with work. This led to a lot of work-related posts get lost among social life related notifications.

With Workplace rolling out to almost all of their team members, and 93% of the users actively using it per week, it showed that Workplace is not just in real time tracking information flow, but also successfully driving much higher engagement rate for announced information due to a separation of personal Facebook channel and work information channel. 


Benefits/Impact of Workplace

  • Improved employees engagement rate due to a separation from personal Facebook. In the past, only around 40% of employees interacted when they were notified on Facebook/Email because they were confused/missed company announcement with other personal messages/notification. Workplace helps drive over 81% percentage higher of staff engagement today.
  • Improved relationship among team members hence enhanced empathy in each otherMr. Hung Zino, CEO of Yeah1 Network said “Since using Workplace, we have a clearer view of the work of each team and each employee when joining their group, that’s what we wanted to do before but we couldn’t. With Workplace, our employees and managers feel closer, have better understanding to each other’s work, and optimize meeting-time or company announcement not missed.”
  • Increased efficiency in internal communication, company announcement and project management. Workplace is easy to use and interact just like Facebook. Yeah1 data contacts and organizational structure are chaotic, Workplace has helped them reflect it visually and easier to locate information. In the screen image shared here, you can see that how the team is using Workplace to share about their case studies, success stories or experiences to achieve the KPIs with everyone else easily in a group.



Do it in your organisation in 3 easy steps:

  • Invite all of your employees to join Workplace, and announce this news through the most efficient channels to them about shifting company wide communication flow to Workplace platform. If you still have quite a lot of communication happen on the old platforms such as Facebook, your employees will be more confused and not clear of which platform to optimize for their collaboration and communication.
  • Start using Workplace open announcement group as the only channel to publish company wide news and updates. This helps employees establish the habit of adopting a new platform faster.
  • Encourage departments and project teams to create their own closed/secret groups in order to transform workflow with most relevant audiences. 

About Yeah1 Network

Founded in 2015, Yeah1 Network has rapidly established itself as the leading youth-focused digital video content company in Asia. The Company develops digital talent and produces multi-platform video entertainment. You can read more about the company here.


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