Share leadership’s perspective with everyone

Share leadership’s perspective with everyone

It’s said that the greatest CEOs build great teams. At IIFL, the CEOs of group companies regularly use Workplace Live to informally connect with their organisation and share their perspectives on the business, priorities, and required skills to build capabilities of their frontline teams.

IIFL leadership experiments with various formats, e.g., interview with the CEO, a formal conference room set up, an informal live interaction using just a mobile phone, etc. But regardless of the formats, these interactions are hugely popular and are watched by everyone in the organisation.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create an ‘Open’, ‘Default’, ‘Announcements’ type group called, say, ‘Company FYI’. Restrict posting permission to only admins to control noise and make relevant internal communications and leadership team members as admins. [Resources here].
  2. Create an event and a poll in this group in advance for the leadership’s Q&A. Encourage people to post their questions in the poll by a certain date. Pick the ten top voted questions and take a day to prepare any data required by the leadership to answer these questions.On the scheduled day/time, set up a smartphone on a Tripod, plug it into power, ensure a reliable high speed internet connection, and get the leader to go live. If you want to share a presentation during this live, you can use the Workplace Live API [explained here]. Get a moderator to manage the event so that the speaking leader may remain relaxed.
  3. Invite feedback and comments from people on the live post to encourage a two-way dialogue. Respond to emerging themes from this dialogue so as to encourage sustained dialogue in future.

About IIFL (India Infoline Limited)

IIFL is India’s leading integrated financial services group with diverse operating businesses, mainly, Non Banking and Housing Finance, Wealth and Asset Management, Financial Advisory and Broking, Mutual Funds and Financial Product Distribution, Investment Banking, Institutional Equities, Realty Broking and Advisory Services.

It has more than 12,000 working from more than 1,150 branches across India, all of whom are on Workplace. A significant proportion of frontline employees was email-less which was connected with the rest of the organisation for the first time through Workplace.

More about the company here.

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