Share important initiatives happening in schools with everyone

Share important initiatives happening in schools with everyone

Tamil Nadu state government in India employs ~290k teachers who are spread across schools in various districts and towns in the state. Collaboration among so many teachers spread so widely was a problem the department wanted to solve.

Everyday individual schools launch useful initiatives that improve teaching outcomes but previously such things were localised and teachers from other schools didn’t easily get to know about them. The teachers are now using Workplace to share such initiatives of their schools with everyone. They can just go live from their mobile phone and share in rich multi-media format.

And the language isn’t a barrier. Although most teachers share in their local language ‘Tamil’ but others could use the ‘See Translation’ feature to read it in their chosen language if it was different from Tamil.


  • Better visibility into school level activities
  • Motivation for others to replicate the good work in their schools
  • A vibrant community that actively shares important milestones and events

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  • Create a state or a district level group which has wider (geographically) and relevant (all teachers) membership. Keep the group open for other interested people to see the contents, allow any member to add more members for enhanced visibility and allow all members to post. 
  • Have a relevant cover picture for this group and make a pinned post that conveys the objective of this group
  • Encourage initial champions to share their school level events with pictures, videos, live video and text

About the organisation

Tamil Nadu is the 2nd largest state economy in India with a GDP of USD 220 billion (larger than the likes of New Zealand, Greece and Venezuela as on Nov’18). Their public school education department employs ~290k teachers who are spread across various districts and towns in the state.

More about the organisation here.

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