Send auto ‘out-of-office’ replies to people when tagged during vacation

Send auto ‘out-of-office’ replies to people when tagged during vacation

When someone in Searce goes on leave they use a Workplace OOO chat bot to send an automated ‘out-of-office’ response when mentioned/tagged in Workplace groups or workplace chats. It serves the same purpose as the traditional out-of-office responder in the world of emails.

All the person needs to do to set it up is to go to the OOO bot and give it the leave start date, duration, and a custom message, if required.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  1. Design your interaction flow for this bot and make a build vs. buy decision
  2. To build in-house, align technical resources who have experience in working with APIs. Or buy it with the required customisations from a Workplace partner like Searce (you can also write to them on
  3. Create a time bound launch plan, a comprehensive communication plan to announce the launch of the bot, and share with all employees a 1-min video user guide on how to use this bot

About Searce

Searce is an official partner of Workplace by Facebook. Searce creates engaging software products, improves business processes, and delivers high performance outcomes through their consulting engagements. With a strong belief that ‘Best practices are overrated’, Searce assembles a small, highly empowered team of top performing engineers and geeks who work to identify better ways of doing things. The innovation focused work culture ensures that the team is ‘encouraged to make mistakes’ and to question the status quo in order to improve processes and deliver transformation.

More about company here.

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