Realise the potential of your frontline outsourced employees

Realise the potential of your frontline outsourced employees

Most companies with extensive field presence work through outsourced or franchisee staff. Airtel pioneered the model of using outsourcing as a strategic lever in all parts of business and today 70% of their retail business operates with such staff. While this has obvious advantages, the companies may not want to bring the outsourced or franchisee employees to the same platform as their on-roll employees to ensure privacy of sensitive information.

However, inability to reach such frontline directly hinders effective communication, sharing of ideas, recognition, and training. It also keeps the frontline feedback from flowing back to HQ.

Airtel leveraged Workplace and its Multi-Company Groups (MCGs) feature in a very effective way. They on-boarded their on-roll employees and the outsourced staff of their retail business on two different Workplace platforms.

All the frontline retail associates got their individual Workplace accounts on the Retail Workplace whereas all the on-roll corporate employees got their Workplace accounts on the corporate Workplace. The teams can collaborate between themselves by using multi-company groups which are meant to allow external collaboration by enabling people from more than one Workplace platform to join the same group and collaborate.

This allowed Airtel to connect with their millennial frontline outsourced employees using an intuitive platform that they love to use and drive daily process compliance, communicate new launches, get insights into daily stories of impact, promote sharing of ideas, bring leadership closer to the frontline through Workplace Live, and conduct trainings.

Benefits / Impact of Workplace

  • Connect with outsourced employees in the same way as with on-roll employees to drive better business outcomes
  • Get real-time, rich media feedback from outsourced field force back to the HQ on everything related to business
  • Coach and train the outsourced field employees using Workplace chat bots to better serve customers

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  • Create two different Workplace platforms for your two types of employees
  • Launch each of these platforms just as you could a single platform with the same launch best practices and resources available from Workplace website
  • Through your communication ensure that everyone knows that any collaboration between teams from two different platforms requires creation of a multi-company group (MCG).

 About Airtel

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) is a leading telecommunications services company with operations in 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. As on Mar 31, 2018, it was the largest mobile network operator in India and the third largest in the world and serves over 413 million subscribers across its operations.

Airtel’s retail business operates in 22 circles (geographies) in India through a network of owned and franchisee stores. More about Airtel here.

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