Quickly relay important market insights from retail stores to HQ

Quickly relay important market insights from retail stores to HQ

In early 2017, when one Starbucks store manager posted about a popular off-the-menu beverage, other managers chimed in and soon 40 other managers commented that this new beverage was increasing in demand. That night, the category marketing team at Starbucks HQ saw the volume of comments on this post and, realising the drink’s popularity, decided to make it an official menu item. What usually takes several months became possible in less than 24 hours, thanks to the collaboration through Workplace.

“At Starbucks, we have over 80% of our store managers using Workplace on a weekly basis. We can communicate directly with our store partners and then they are better able to serve our customers” – Adam Brotman, Executive VP of Retail Operations, Starbucks


Do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  1. Create an ‘Open’, ‘Teams & Projects’ type group, say, ‘Market insights’. Keep membership type as ‘Anyone can join without approval.’ Keep posting permissions to ‘Anyone can post in this group without being a member’ [Resources here]
  2. Add all store employees and the category team as members of this group. Cross-functional members can add themselves as and when needed. Publicise the presence of this group to relevant audience appropriately.
  3. Make a pinned post on this group explaining the purpose of this group. Be prompt, responsive, and respectful of the feedback received on this group.

About Starbucks

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1971, the company operates 27,339 locations worldwide as of 2017.

Starbucks wanted to better foster organic, peer-to-peer collaboration between all its partners, including field employees and headquarters. The coffee company wanted to build a culture of recognition, and inspire partners to be creative in their service.

A few months after introducing Workplace, more than 80% of the organisation’s store managers were actively using it weekly, sharing knowledge and best practices and helping one another.

More about the company here.

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