Open a Collaborative Space for Feedback Loop

Open a Collaborative Space for Feedback Loop 

Cloud Employee, a UK-managed IT Outsourcing company based in the Philippines has always thought of ways to create a more engaged and collaborative environment among employees. Since members of the organisation mostly work for external clients, they struggled to find an avenue to create one close community within the whole organisation. Even with many in-person activities such as company events, it was hard to maintain high employee engagement.

With the recommendation of CEO, Nick Hargreaves, the Marketing Team piloted the launch of Workplace and has since noticed marked improvements in communication, sharing of ideas, and just overall rapport amongst employees. With 86% of the company employees actively using the platform daily, it proved useful in collaboration among them.

Cloud Employee used Workplace to improve feedback loop among different teams wherein departments created their own groups and used that to crowdsource ideas, get feedback using polls and surveys, and share useful reads. One of the useful integration is Google Drive where team members can easily share documents in groups to gather feedback.

Benefits / Impact of Workplace

  • Increased effectiveness in gathering feedback and ideas from across the organisation
  • Increased agility and cross-functional collaboration to work as one organisation 
  • Higher employee engagement as department team members have a platform to share their team updates easily 

Do it in your organisation in 3 easy steps:

  1. Provide guidance on group naming taxonomy e.g. [Company Name][Department] XFN
  2. Encourage department leads to create open groups to obtain feedback and crowdsource ideas 
  3. Measure Workplace engagement and activity to identify top engaged posts. Inform employees on the best sourced ideas and feedback that are implemented. 

About Cloud Employee

Cloud Employee was set up to disrupt and go above and beyond any other provider in the IT outsourcing industry. It acts as a long-term strategic partner for clients and help them grow their business working as an extension of their in-house teams. 

More about the company here

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