Onboard employees efficiently through Workplace group

Onboard employees efficiently through Workplace group 

Proper introductions of new employees help them integrate with the wider organisation, and is the critical first step to capitalise on the skills, knowledge and excitement they bring to the workplace. 

Before Workplace, new employees at Photobook Worldwide were simply added into existing WhatsApp groups chats. New employees may not be introduced well as there are concurrent conversations in the WhatsApp groups, and they will also not have context to the ongoing discussions since they do not have visibility to past conversations. It was not the best experience for new joiners. 

With Workplace, new hires can be introduced in an engaging manner with the use of videos and pictures. The introduction also has a wider reach beyond local WhatsApp groups.

Benefits / Impact of Workplace

  • Quicker assimilation of new joiners into the organisation
  • Reduced onboarding time with informal learning through established communities
  • Effective showcase of strengths and experiences of new hires

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

1) Create a group to announce new hires e.g. “[Company X] New Joiners or use an existing Announcement group. For more guidance on Workplace groups, watch this video here

2) Request new hires to write 5 interesting facts and submit pictures of themselves to the HR team. In Photobook Worldwide, each new hire is required to submit a picture of himself/herself in a personalised T-shirt with his/her name. 

3) HR team will upload a picture of new hires together with the 5 interesting facts, using the @tagging feature so that the new hire will be notified. This also encourages likes and comments to make the new hires feel welcomed. 

About Photobook Worldwide

Photobook Worldwide is the leading e-commerce company in South East Asia that provides a unique experience in preserving meaningful memories through fully personalisable Photo Albums and Photo Products. Headquartered in Malaysia, we have offices located in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines, catering to the global market. Founded in 2005, we have more than 200 employees globally and being a tech company, we are always on the lookout on how we could further improvise our internal collaboration work. We have been adopting Workplace by Facebook for more than a year now and recently, HR team tried and tested something recently which we thought that it would be beautiful to share across here. 

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