Manage shift scheduling on Workplace

Manage shift scheduling on Workplace

Birds Barbershop was finding it difficult to manage internal communications across its multiple locations. Because of this, it was often not possible to implement timely solutions to solve problems. They needed to improve real-time communication to drive better decision-making and operations.

Birds Barbershop used Workplace to enable a mobile workforce and promote a culture of knowledge sharing.

Using Groups, the salon connected its teams across all its shops to help them become more efficient. For example, creating a group with all salon together has transformed shift swapping. Barbers and teams swiftly communicate and coordinate across the salons to identify an available specialist to fill a shift. Also, a busy salon can get a barber from another salon that’s reporting availability.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create a closed group that is dedicated to shift management. Use an intuitive name, e.g., “Shift Management”
  2. Publish a pinned post with simple instructions on how to request a shift change or announce an open shift. E.g., “This group is used for managing shift requests. To make an official request, include the location, shift time and date etc.”
  3. Share an example shift request post for the team to see and title “example shift request”

One of the biggest things we’ve heard from our employees is that Workplace has brought our employees closer together; they are communicating better and the shops are running more smoothly than ever, which is reflected in our growing revenues. – Jayson Rapaport, Co-founder

About Birds Barbershop 

Birds Barbershop is an independently owned brand of barbershops founded in Austin Texas, with nine salons and 170 employees. The first shop was opened in 2006 by Jayson Rapaport and Michael Portman with a goal of affordable salon quality for both men and women in a casual, rock club environment.

More about the company here.

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