Manage facilities and report faults efficiently with the Facility Bot

Manage facilities and report faults efficiently with the Facility Bot 

Reporting facilities issues to building management used to be a tedious and manual affair for users and tenants at the Treasury Building. In the past, employees working in the buildings would spot an issue – maybe a door was faulty or the floor needed cleaning – and would need to hunt down the appropriate telephone number to contact building management and report it. This often resulted in issues going unreported.

Allocating work and tracking follow up tasks was also manual. There was no communication channel to keep the person who reported the fault in the loop, nor was there any way of signalling a completed task. Such manual processes resulted in miscommunication, inefficiencies and frustration.

To tackle the problem, the Treasury Building’s management team brought in FacilityBot, a Facility Management Chatbot developed by RobustTechHouse and hosted on Workplace, to help. With FacilityBot, employees can report a fault via Workplace Chat instantly, with the option of attaching a photo for greater clarity. A fault report ticket is then created and brought to the attention of the fault resolution team. This team can then chat further with the person who reported the fault through another interface, Facility Bot Mobile App. This app is useful for when the fault resolution team are vendors who have been contracted from outside the Treasury Building. The status of the fault is tracked through a web portal, and when complete, the person who reported the fault is informed via Workplace Chat. Aggregated statistics on response times are also captured, which allows the fault resolution team to easily view pending fault reports and update their status once the fault has been dealt with.



The key features of the Facility Bot include:

  • Allowing users and tenants to snap a picture and report a fault
  • Co-ordination of fault follow up by Technicians/Vendors through the Facility Bot Mobile App
  • Informing the person who reported the fault on its status
  • Collating statistics on response times and interactions
  • Manage scheduled maintenance activities and take photos as evidence of completion
  • Handling other common enquiries and requests 24/7
  • Broadcasting alerts/messages to employees








  • Better user experience for building tenants
  • Increase in management efficiency
  • Easy set up
  • Save time and manpower

Do it in your organization in three easy steps:

  1. Identify and prioritise the workflow(s) you want to automate using Workplace Chat bots, e.g. facilities management reports through a chat bot
  2. Align technical resources (who have experience in working with APIs) either in-house or from a third party like RobustTechHouse
  3. Create an exciting launch plan encompassing step-by-step interaction with the bot

About Treasury Building:

The Treasury Building is a working space shared by 8 agencies from the Singapore Public Service, where Ministry of Finance is responsible for the management of common facilities.

About The Singapore Public Service:

The Singapore Public Service’s mission is to

  • Work with the elected Government to shape Singapore’s future, forge a common vision among Singaporeans and transform the vision into a reality
  • Safeguard the independence, sovereignty, security and prosperity of Singapore
  • Upload justice and equality, guided by the principles of incorruptibility, meritocracy and impartiality


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