Make leadership approachable by sharing live updates from leadership off-sites

Make leadership approachable by sharing live updates from leadership off-sites

Working with a field team distributed across hundreds of stores across the width of the country makes it difficult for leadership to build and nurture a strong connect with the frontline. Airtel uses Workplace and its features such as ‘live streaming’ extensively to fill this gap.

As part of this, when their regional leadership gets together during off-sites, they share the experience with their frontline teams by posting a lot of pictures, videos, and doing joint Workplace live interactions full of infectious energy with the frontline.

This allows the frontline to know what the leadership is doing and strengthens the connect with them. This also allows leadership to share insights, learnings, and important decisions from the offsite with everyone.

Benefits / Impact of Workplace

  • Enhanced transparency and better connect between the stores and the HQ
  • Stronger buy-in from the stores for new initiatives/decisions when they are conveyed with empathy and reasoning facilitated by a live video format

Do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create an ‘Open’, ‘Default’, and ‘Announcements’ type group which has everyone in it. Keep the posting permissions to ‘Admins only’ and give admin rights to all leaders and only the required team members [Resources here]
  2. Get the leaders to go live or share pictures and videos of offsite in this group
  3. Invite feedback and comments from people to encourage a two-way dialogue. Respond to emerging themes from this dialogue so as to encourage sustained dialogue in future

 About Airtel

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) is a leading telecommunications services company with operations in 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. As on Mar 31, 2018, it was the largest mobile network operator in India and the third largest in the world and serves over 413 million subscribers across its operations.

Airtel’s retail business operates in 22 circles (geographies) in India through a network of owned and franchisee stores. More about Airtel here.

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