Make large conferences engaging using Workplace groups and chat bots

Make large conferences engaging using Workplace groups and chat bots

SKY Brasil deployed Workplace to its retail network to improve the quality of their communication with their employees and 3,000 franchisees.

Every year, SKY hosts a sales conference of their top sellers at a dream destination around the world. But usually the conference remains limited to its participants and all the content and learnings from such events gets lost with time.

So for the first time, they wanted to share what was going on in the conference with a broader audience, not only as a way to encourage the sales force to hit goals and be there next year, but also to motivate and recognise the sales network and inspire dialogue. They did so by creating a group for the conference and hosted live streams and videos throughout the whole event. They also created a bot for the event attendees to facilitate travel and agenda management. 

The result was a much higher level of engagement during the event, with 74% of event attendees agreeing that the Bot has made the convention more interactive and agile.

Do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  • Create a group for the event and leverage features such as pictures and videos for immersive sharing
  • To create a bot for travel and agenda management, align technical resources (who have experience in working with APIs) either in-house or from a third party to create a time bound launch plan, and program manage it to launch [Technical documentation on bots here]
  • Create an exciting communication plan to announce the launch of the bot and a simple how-to video showing how to interact with it

About SKY Brasil

SKY Brasil is a Brazilian subscription telecommunications service, delivering satellite television and 4G broadband internet to its over 5 million subscribers. It is the largest satellite pay-TV operator in Brazil representing just over 28% of all pay-TV subscribers in the country. Since its inception in 1996, it distributes 100% digital programming to its subscribers, throughout the country.

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