Invite and manage ideas from employees using a bot

Invite and manage ideas from employees using a bot

We all have ideas. But do we express them? Many a times a good idea goes out of the window for lack of a platform for it to be showcased. Sometimes, it could be a shy employee and at other times too many layers in the system that causes the idea to die a natural death before it can even come to life.

At Kwench, Innovation is one of the core company values where every employee is encouraged to freely share ideas that can impact customers, improve agility, and automate internal processes. They launched Idea Bot on Workplace to make Ideation process social, transparent, and engaging. The Idea Bot also brings the Ideation process and idea life cycle management together in one place in a simple and easy way.

Employees now post ideas around various innovation theme using Idea Bot in workplace chat. For every submitted idea, the owner of the relevant Innovation Theme evaluates it and, if approved, assigns it to a champion for implementation. The employee is notified on successful implementation.

The key features of the Idea Bot include:

  • Idea Themes, Champions & Sponsor: Allows admin to setup themes for generating new ideas and one or more sponsors for each theme. Further, allows an idea received to be assigned to one or more idea champions for implementation.
  • Implementation Stages: Each idea flows through received, accepted/rejected, in process and implemented stages. Idea champions can post comments for each stage when updating the stage.
  • Nudge: Bot nudges Idea Sponsors to accept or reject ideas and also nudges Idea Champions to post updates and/or update idea stage. Admins can configure the duration and frequency for the nudge/reminders.
  • Analytics: Allows admins to view analytics and leaderboards like Idea Funnel, Top 10 Themes, Top 10 Champions, Top 10 Sponsors, Top 10 Users, etc.


  • Increased transparency across the organisation
  • Ensured idea life cycle completion with visibility across the organisation
  • Enabled the spotlight on the achievers
  • Brought in a fresh look at old problems

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  • Visit to sign up
  • Create an exciting communication plan to announce the launch of this bot and a simple how-to video showing employees how to interact with it
  • Set up a weekly review cadence for the first six weeks (and monthly thereafter) to assess the performance and decide next steps to realise more value out of it

About Kwench

Kwench is one of the product partners of Workplace. As on Feb 2018, they’re serving 100+ clients in 21+ countries with 200+ bot installations addressing simple to complex use cases like peer-to-peer recognition, award nominations and redemptions, ticketing systems, idea life cycle management, engagement surveys, learning and development etc.

Kwench is an ISO27001 certified, SOC2 and EUGDPR ready employee engagement platform provider serving 1000+ companies, million employees in 60+ countries since 2008 through its social, mobile, gamification, and analytics driven platforms that address various dimensions of employee engagement including learning, recognition and rewards, wellness, collaboration and communication.

More about the company here.

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