Increase return on corporate social responsibility investments with Workplace

Increase return on corporate social responsibility investments with Workplace 

Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) companies aim to achieve a positive impact on society while maximising the creation of value for shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders. 

Engro Foundation’s strategic community investments are in education, infrastructure, job creation, and health. Before Workplace, it used to rely on a combination of newsletters (bi-annual publications), face-to-face interactions with beneficiaries, and email announcements to drive internal awareness and employee enrolment in initiatives. However, the engagement was low. 

With Workplace, all CSR-related communication takes place in a Workplace group called ‘Engro in the News’. Owners of CSR initiatives are now able to share real-time and engaging updates about the activities through pictures and live videos. As a result, Engro Foundation has since seen the number of volunteer hours go up with a net positive impact on the community.

The more we know about the company, the more we know about all the efforts that are going around across the corporation. Consequently we are able to effectively represent ourselves before the world out there.” – CEO, Engro

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

1) Create a group to share CSR updates and name it appropriately, e.g. Company name – CSR Activities. For more guidance on Workplace groups, watch this video here

2) Make the group open and posting rights moderated. Assign moderation responsibility to project leads of CSR activities.

3) Use Workplace events to make people aware of and drive attendance for each CSR activity. Share pictures and live videos of events to build excitement and interest in future activities as well as to make people feel proud about their organisation’s community engagement.

About Engro

Engro is one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan with revenue of over a billion US dollars. It has interests in fertilizers, foods, chemical storage & handling, trading, digital technologies, energy and petrochemicals. With a fierce commitment to its people, quality, governance, and social responsibility, Engro delivers products and services that enrich the lives of people and businesses across the globe.

Engro Foundation is the social investment arm of Engro Corporation and is responsible for carrying out the CSR activities on behalf of Engro group companies. Engro achieved 98% adoption of Workplace in their organisation within a few months of launching it.

More about the company here.

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