Increase frontline employee engagement using Workplace

Increase frontline employee engagement using Workplace

Pernambucanas, the 110 year old Brazilian apparel retailer, is known for building strong relationships with their customers. However, one of the key challenges they were facing was connecting the frontline workers with the leadership.

They overcame this challenge using Workplace. They hosted the initiative branded #semanatamojunto (#letssticktogetherweek), a tour in which about 30 executives went through all of their 324 stores to disseminate the company’s strategy among employees and celebrate the company’s 110th anniversary.

To make the most of this initiative, the leadership engaged the store employees in advance by sharing live videos about the tour objectives. In turn, the store employees posted back videos with messages to the visiting executives about the expectations from them. During the visits, the executives recorded live videos to share their experience in each store with everyone.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  • Get your leadership onboard:  When key executives lead by example, the adoption in the company happens faster and easier. 
  • Create a Communication/Content Plan: If you have an event such as #SemanaTamoJunto, create a Communication and Content plan to let employees know what is happening. 
  • Encourage dialogue and collaboration: Encourage employees to post pictures, videos and content using hashtags to keep the conversation going. 

About the company

Pernambucanas is a Brazilian apparel retailer with over 10,000 employees across 324 stores in more than 230 cities. It also offers a broad variety of homeware products that meet the necessity of Brazilian families and households. In addition, their customers can also find electronics and financial products such as credit cards and insurance.

More about the company here.

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