Improve ATM services by surfacing gaps more efficiently

Improve ATM services by surfacing gaps more efficiently

As a part of its ongoing focus on client satisfaction, Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) was looking into ways of identifying and resolving ATM issues more quickly and efficiently. By reporting and having ATM issues resolved in the dedicated Workplace “E-Patrol” group, the bank has improved its ATM availability and overall machine maintenance.

Benefits Realized:

  • Switching E-Patrol program from SMS based to Workplace based increased reports by 40X and shortend resolution time by over 50%
  • Employee voice is now amplified to update and report gaps identified in the field with real-time images
  • Management and Executive visibility & involvement in ATM gaps increased substantially
  • ATM communication is now centralized which helps technical team time optimization and case load analysis

Do it in your organization in three easy steps:

  1. Create an open group with an intuitive name e.g. “E-Patrol” or “Facilities Helpdesk”. For more guidance on Workplace groups, refer to this video here.
  2. Put a pinned post with simple instructions on how to report a case e.g. “Location-Building-Level-Type of Issue + Description”
  3. Include a picture or video in the post so that Facilities has clarity on the issue and if relevant, tag team member to assist with issue resolution

About PSBank

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) wants to be recognized as the banking leader in providing exceptional customer experience at every encounter. Backed by its parent company, Metropolitan Bank & Trust company (Metrobank), PSBank continues to innovate its products and services to meet the customers’ rapidly evolving needs. It started as a small neighborhood bank on September 26, 1960 in the historic Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Manila, formerly the country’s commercial hub. It has now grown to serve thousands of Filipinos through a network of more than 250 branches and over 600 ATMs strategically located nationwide. PSBank may be a savings bank, but it is ranked alongside the biggest players in the Philippine Banking industry. In 2016, international magazine The Asian Banker recognized PSBank as the 2nd strongest Bank in the Philippines, next to Metrobank (Banking arm of GT Capital Holdings, Inc.). PSBank is the only thrift bank that has been on the list for 6 consecutive years.

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