Ensure compliance with safety and other strategic business processes using groups

Ensure compliance with safety and other strategic business processes using groups

In an effort to create and maintain an organised, clean, secure, and efficient work space and environment, CONSOLIS’s applies the 5S methodology throughout its global network of hundreds of factories in 28 countries. 5S is one of the most practiced tools of Lean Manufacturing.

Spearheaded by their VP of Operations, CONSOLIS has started a “Clean Floor” initiative as part of the 5S methodology. They use dedicated Workplace groups, polls and other Workplace features to ensure compliance with this initiative across its global network of plants, sites and offices. In using this groups-based process, CONSOLIS has seen improved accountability and sharing of best practices across the sites. An unexpected positive side-effect of this process has been that now senior leadership can recognise and appreciate the desk-less workers who complete these site reviews, an interaction not possible before Workplace.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create Workplace groups dedicated to compliance with strategic business processes. For example, create a group whose purpose is to ensure compliance with security, safety, or any other critical business processes on which you wish to ensure compliance.
  2. Clarify the process to be followed.  In a pinned post in the group, outline the process that members must follow and on what frequency they must action it. Provide indications of basic best practices that employees can then build upon as the business and regulations evolve.
  3. Encourage engagement on posts to support exchange on best practices. Have team managers and senior leadership interact in the group to recognise individuals’ work. As appropriate, encourage a healthy level of competition between sites under compliance by running monthly or quarterly awards for “Most Impressive Clean Floor Initiative”, for example.


With upwards of 10,000 employees in 28 countries throughout the world, CONSOLIS is a leading industrial Group providing smart, sustainable precast concrete structures for the transportation, utilities and building sectors. More about the company here.

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