Enhance your employees’ experience with food with a ‘Chefbot’

Enhance your employees’ experience with food with a ‘Chefbot’

A1 Telekom Austria Group launched their first bot around a universal use case: “What’s the menu today?

People can just “Take a picture” of the day’s food and send it to Chefbot as they would message any other person. This gives employees a preview of, say, how the Tortelini looks today from their coworkers’ pictures. This increases social interaction around food and by engaging all senses enhances people’s experience with food.

People can also set a daily reminder and go from pull to push information by getting notified about the menu – served warm and fresh to them over chat daily.

Eating is a social experience so Chefbot also posts the menu and employees’ pictures of today’s food on a designated Workplace group so that further appetising discussions can take place around food.

In the backend the team can configure all the settings and include XML and CSV imports for daily menus.

The team launched the bot to an early access group and received a lot of feedback/suggestions for future features e.g., ratings and on-the-go canteen switching. After the trial they launched the Chefbot to their canteens in Austria with a little promotion in their elevators and in announcement groups.

The bot was used by more than 400 people in the first week, which was a huge success. The team also got a lot of requests to add more canteens and to expand Chefbot to all other countries.

“We definitely reached our goal to bring our users into touch with workplace bots and their possibilities in a playful manner – so even though Chefbot is a modest hard worker in the kitchen he is also an evangelist. This was evident as we got contacted by various departments for their ideas about help desk and facility bot use cases shortly after – mission accomplished, bon appétit!

Do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  • Design the process workflows to be automated
  • Align technical resources (who have experience in working with APIs) either in-house or from a third party to integrate backend systems and data repositories with your Workplace (Technical documentation here)
  • Create a time bound launch plan, and program manage it to launch. Create an exciting communication plan to announce the launch of this bot and a simple how-to video showing how to interact with it

About A1 Telekom Austria Group

A1 Telekom Austria Group is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million customers, currently operating in seven countries.

More about the company here.

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