Enhance key sales practices and motivate remote sales teams

Enhance key sales practices and motivate remote sales teams

Over 90% of T-ROC’s employees are remote workers. They often work alone in retail stores and do not see their manager or peers for weeks. Some of these employees work at kiosks in big box stores, selling on behalf of telecommunication companies.

Part of the job requires setting up displays for the brands they’re representing. To encourage quality setup, T-ROC leadership devised an impromptu contest, asking employees to share a photo of their display in a Workplace Group. The employee with the best display would win a gift card.

Employees participated enthusiastically. The contest increased team morale and gave leadership a new method to align teams on sales best practices.

The contest was executed in 48 hours, eliciting comments, gif-filled responses, and hundreds of reactions. This dynamic experience would not have been possible with email.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  1. Create a closed group for your sales team. Use an intuitive name eg. “Eastern Region Sales Team”
  2. Share a post in the group outlining the contest rules, timeline and any important guidelines of the sales contest. @ mention (tag) the sales team managers in the post to raise awareness and use this group to publish on-going contest reminders
  3. Publish a post celebrating the winner in the group with a photo!

When sales staff working independently in the field need answers fast, Workplace Chat is their lifeline. – Page Valgora, Director of Sales Enablement

About T-ROC 

The Retail Outsource Companies (T-ROC), founded in 2000, is a full end-to-end sales solution company that enables retailers, manufacturers and service providers throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico to fulfil all their sales performance needs. Its exponential growth has been recognised by Inc. Magazine on its Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies, 6 times over the past 7 years as in 2017.

More about the company here.

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