Enhance effectiveness by separating asynchronous content from high-velocity chat

Enhance effectiveness by separating asynchronous content from high-velocity chat

Before Workplace StoreHub was using a chat-based communications tool. It was great for up to 20 people but as the team continued to grow they started to miss a big chunk of messages. Announcements, polls, and important conversations would often slip through the cracks. Their people struggled to keep up with the constant stream and noise of the chatroom format, where hundreds of messages could accumulate within a short few hours. This was particularly difficult for people in the field.

Workplace helped them separate content oriented messaging (announcements, questions, events, polls) from chat, which they now keep to small teams/groups. Filtering the noise allowed the company to communicate more effectively and to encourage meaningful discussion around specific topics.

With Workplace they launched an initiative called #StoreHubStories through which they encouraged anyone across the company to share stories that inspire people about the meaningful work they do.

#StoreHubStories gave them the joy of reading countless stories about their customers and colleagues alike that helped them bond as a community¬†and see what’s happening at the company at large.

In a nutshell, they love how the company is now able to encourage, cheer on, and celebrate stories across different geographies with more closeness than ever before.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create a relevant hashtag for your initiative.
  2. Communicate the purpose of this initiative on Workplace by announcing it in your company group. You can also upload files detailing the instructions and examples to help people share better stories.
  3. Encourage people to like, react or comment on the stories shared. Choose the best stories for your executives to share during company-wide updates.

About StoreHub

StoreHub is focused on enabling Small and Medium Retail Enterprises with technology that helps them grow and manage their businesses better. Their team of over 100 people across four cities (Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Bangkok & Shanghai) has benefited greatly from clearing up the noise inherent in a chat oriented tool and management has found communicating through Workplace a lot more effective.

More about the company here.

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