Enhance connect between distributed school teachers and leadership

Enhance connect between distributed school teachers and leadership

Tamil Nadu state government in India employs ~290k teachers who are spread across schools in various districts and towns in the state. Collaboration among so many teachers spread so widely and connect with the leadership was a problem the department wanted to solve.

The teachers are now able to interact with the Hon’ble minister and top state administrators in rich multimedia format and share their feedback. The leadership has also got a platform to talk to all the teachers directly.


  • Higher motivation with direct access to leadership to understand the vision and mission
  • Upward feedback from the field for continuous improvement
  • Quick relay of important messages from top to bottom without filtering

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  • Create a state level announcements group. Make the group default so that everyone gets added as a member. Allow only admins to post to the group since it’s for important announcements and leadership live.
  • Have a relevant cover picture for this group and make a pinned post that conveys the objective of this group
  • Set up a weekly or monthly calendar for various members of senior leadership to go live and create Workplace ‘events’ in this group as a reminder for everyone. Calendaring helps ensure that such sessions happen regularly and that people remember joining when they happen.

About the organisation

Tamil Nadu is the 2nd largest state economy in India with a GDP of USD 220 billion (larger than the likes of New Zealand, Greece and Venezuela as on Nov’18). Their public school education department employs ~290k teachers who are spread across various districts and towns in the state.

More about the organisation here.

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