Engage with fisheries officers to determine most suitable spot to stock fish

Engage with fisheries officers to determine most suitable spot to stock fish 

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) works in some of the most remote areas of the world. They stock the rivers, dams and lakes of inland New South Wales, in Australia, with fish. They drive for hours, and sometimes days, to stock fish in outback, rural and remote areas. Before they became the first government department in Australia to launch Workplace by Facebook to better engage and connect employees, an average employee would make about 100 phone calls every season to notify fisheries officers in the area where his team was stocking fish. They would also send emails, and when no reply came, they’d back that up with more phone calls.

With the introduction of Workplace, they set up a private group for Hatchery & Inland Compliance and invited colleagues into the group from across the state. When fish are being stocked in any of the 100 stocking sites, information is posted on Workplace telling everyone of the plan. Phone calls have been eliminated and, unlike the emails, people can be sure of who has seen the post.

“You can put the post there and see who has seen it and what’s happening. It leads to discussion which we didn’t have earlier. We recently put up a post about where our team was planning to stock fish. A colleague saw it and commented that there wasn’t much water in the area and it was an unsuitable spot. So that allowed us to change what our plans were rather than drive for hours somewhere only to find it wasn’t suitable and then have to turn around” – Matthew McLellan, Hatchery Manager, Narrandera Fisheries Centre (NFC)

They also use SWOOP Analytics, a Workplace partner, to monitor which groups are collaborating and which need support. The internal communications team has monthly Workplace campaigns, e.g., a “how to” video series for Workplace, pop-up sessions where the HQ team visits regional offices where there is low engagement. One of the most popular SWOOP measurements is the “Most Engaging Posts”, which is used to identify what makes posts engaging and the information is used to create discussion points on how best to engage staff or highlight how a problem was solved.

Do it in your organisation in 3 easy steps:

  1. Encourage all Workplace users especially team managers to create groups for collaboration and discussion purposes. For more guidance on Workplace groups, watch this video here
  2. Move internal team communications to the work group and leverage features such as pictures and videos for immersive sharing. 
  3. Leverage on an analytics add-on such as SWOOP Analytics to get insights and formulate strategies to increase engagement on the platform. 

About NSW Department of Primary Industries 

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is a division of the New South Wales (NSW) state government in Australia and is responsible for driving economic growth and investment in primary industries including Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Forestry, Biosecurity and Crown Lands in NSW. DPI works to develop and sustain diverse, profitable food and fibre industries and ensures best practice management of natural resources, as well as risks to community and industry confidence.

Almost 2500 DPI staff work across more than 100 locations in NSW, with the head office located in the regional city of Orange, west of Sydney. Many employees are in the field and often away from computers and, at times, have little or limited internet access. DPI piloted Workplace by Facebook in May and June 2016 and went live across the department in September 2016.

More about the organisation here.

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