Engage incoming employees using Multi-Company Groups

Engage incoming employees using Multi-Company Groups 

Good talent is scarce and companies invest a lot to attract it. In India, one way is for companies to go to college campuses and hire quality talent towards the end of their study program with deferred joining dates. However, the resulting gap between the time of offer and that of joining puts companies at the risk of losing their hired candidates to competitors.

LTI hires thousands of fresh graduates every year and wanted a way to increase their offer-to-joining ratio by differentiating themselves, engaging with hired students, and improving pre-joining experience of candidates. They found a solution with Workplace Multi-Company groups.

LTI created various multi-company groups, each with a specific objective as explained in following bullets. They then invited the recently hired students to these multi-company groups by using their personal email ids.

Here are four sample objectives some of these multi-company groups fulfilled:

  • Joining Q&A: Students can ask any queries and see previous answered queries. This reduces incidences of repeat questions and improves the efficiency of talent acquisition team. At the same time it helps students to get their queries answered instantly
  • LTI branding: LTI shares the relevant investments they’re making in new areas that would make working with LTI exciting and secure for students. LTI leadership uses Workplace live to interact with students and thus strengthen the brand further
  • Training: LTI shares relevant training modules to prepare new hires for their roles after joining
  • Student connect: Students form interest based communities even before joining which also serve as their peer support system in the first few months of job. They can also collaborate in areas like shared accommodation in a new city after joining the company

Benefits / Impact of Workplace

  • Improved “offer-to-joining” ratio by keeping incoming employees engaged even though they are not yet part of the company
  • Efficient on-boarding of new employeeswhich begin from the day the employment contract is signed
  • Improved employer branding through sharing of company’s investment areas 

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  • Create one or more ‘Secret’, ‘Multi-Company’ type groups dedicated to specific objectives to host interactions with prospective employees. Invite them to this group by using their personal email ids. This process sends an invitation email to the invitees [Resources here and here].
  • Ask the invitees to click the join button in the email received. If the invitees don’t already have an existing Workplace account, they go through a very quick process of creating a Workplace account and then land in your Multi-Company group. If they have an existing Workplace account, they just land in your Multi-Company group by clicking the join button in the email.
  • Make a pinned post on every group to explain the purpose of the group. Start sharing content and engaging your prospective employees.

About LTI (L&T Infotech)

LTI is a USD 970 million (2017), global top 20 IT services company with operations in 27 countries. It has 20,000+ employees helping more than 250 clients improve the effectiveness of their business and technology operations. It’s part of the USD 17 billion (2017) Larsen and Toubro group, one of the largest and most respected groups in India’s private sector.

More about the company here.


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