Engage employees in the company’s CSR activities

Engage employees in the company’s CSR activities

In large, distributed organisations, sometimes employees aren’t aware of the various social causes their organisation is engaged in while sometimes individual employees feel strongly about a cause but do not find the right platform or community to support it. Such a gap leads to missed opportunities for everyone.

IIFL’s HR leverages Workplace to share updates about all CSR activities the company is involved in. The team invites participation from employees and shares clear steps to get involved. This not only builds awareness about the social impact of the organisation but also provides employees a platform to get involved.

People access Workplace on their mobile phones no matter where they are so the reach of such communication extends up to all field employees. The fact that Workplace is available to email-less employees as well allows IIFL to tap into its full potential to support social causes and gives everyone equal opportunity to get involved.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create an ‘Open’, ‘Default’, and ‘Announcements’ type ‘CSR XFN’ or ‘Company announcements’ group which has everyone in it. Keep the posting permissions to ‘Admins only’ and make the required HR/CSR team members admins  [Resources here]
  2. Share relevant initiatives in this group and invite participation in comments
  3. Also share images/videos of field CSR activities to build excitement and pride about the organisation’s social impact

About IIFL (India Infoline Limited)

IIFL is India’s leading integrated financial services group with diverse operating businesses, mainly, Non Banking and Housing Finance, Wealth and Asset Management, Financial Advisory and Broking, Mutual Funds and Financial Product Distribution, Investment Banking, Institutional Equities, Realty Broking and Advisory Services.

It has more than 12,000 working from more than 1,150 branches across India, all of whom are on Workplace. A significant proportion of frontline employees was email-less which was connected with the rest of the organization for the first time through Workplace.

More about the company here.

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