Create a single secure collaboration platform for everyone

Create a single secure collaboration platform for everyone

MyWork, a recruitment company in Vietnam, had different teams trying different communication and collaboration tools including even public Facebook and Messenger for work. They even created a new company fan page for MyWork employees and asked them to create new Facebook personal accounts using company email in order to join the company fan page and connect with staffs. But all methods had their limitations and they found it difficult to connect as one company in one secure channel.

Workplace allowed a private, secure space where employees could log in using company email. The admin panel enabled them to run analytics to see how the employees engaged and if they didn’t have a complete/updated profile.

The platform allowed them to introduce new employees on a group called Welcome Board and to upload all company policies and department specific documents to respective groups for easy discovery. The organisation chart allows everyone to see where their colleagues belong. Workplace events allow everyone to be notified of meetings and update the minutes of the meeting in the Workplace event itself for later follow up.

How to do it in your company in three simple steps

  1. Onboard everyone on Workplace through a well-planned launch under senior leadership’s active guidance and role-modelling. Detailed resources on Workplace launch here.
  2. Identify top 3 use-cases or work-processes that Workplace will enable for each department on a daily basis. Pro tip: Identify processes that are used frequently (e.g., daily/weekly) and widely (i.e., by a large number of people). Assign ownership of implementation/adoption each use-case or work-process to a high performing champion
  3. Measure weekly engagement on your Workplace by creating detailed heat maps of engagement by location/department and take required interventions in low engagement locations/departments. Assess, document, recognise, and reward the progress and business impact of each of the identified use-cases for each department.

About the company

MyWork was founded in 2011. Through 7 years of working they have become one of the top recruitment market players in Vietnam with over 4 millions of active users with hundreds and thousands of companies.

More about the company here.

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