Communicate the benefits of a newly launched product to your frontline

Communicate the benefits of a newly launched product to your frontline

In highly competitive industries such as telecom, companies needs to continually innovate with new products and services to retain and grow the market share. To maintain the competitive edge, the new launches need to be kept confidential until as late as possible.

But this poses another challenge – How do you ensure your geographically dispersed field sales team is proficient in the new product’s features and benefits at such a short notice!

Airtel found a way through Workplace Live video.

When Airtel Mumbai circle launched a new offering called Airtel Payments Bank, they needed to quickly communicate its features to hundreds of Customer Relationship Officers (CROs) in the field. Doing so in-person with a large field staff would have taken weeks whereas they had hours.

The retail business head of Mumbai circle used Workplace to do a ‘live’ training which all CROs watched on the Workplace app on their mobile phones. The CROs were then asked to post in their zonal manager’s group a ‘live’ role-play video of how they’d sell this themselves. The zonal managers watched each CRO’s role-play video and certified using ‘comments’ whether the CRO was eligible to sell this or not. If a CRO wasn’t certified, he/she had to repeat this exercise again until certified by the zonal manager.

“Mumbai Circle leveraged Workplace to launch Airtel Payments Bank. Workplace helped us by enabling coaching, CRO certification, and faster communication    – Circle Retail Head, Mumbai

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  1. Create a ‘Closed’, ‘Announcements’ type group for your function which has everyone from the function in it. Keep the posting permissions to ‘Admins only’ and give admin rights to the required team members. Also create team level ‘Closed’, ‘Teams & Projects’ type groups at each level of hierarchy [Resources here]
  2. Get the business head to go live using just their mobile phone to share important coaching/tips. Get team members to post role-play videos in their manager’s or skip level group as appropriate.
  3. Invite feedback and comments from people on the live video of coaching to address the gap areas. Get managers to watch the role-play videos and give 1:1 improvement feedback.

 About Airtel

Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) is a leading telecommunications services company with operations in 17 countries across South Asia and Africa. As on Mar 31, 2018, it was the largest mobile network operator in India and the third largest in the world and serves over 413 million subscribers across its operations.

Airtel’s retail business operates in 22 circles (geographies) in India through a network of owned and franchisee stores. More about Airtel here.

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