Change the way your employees work through technology

Change the way your employees work through technology

Before Workplace,’s internal communication between departments was not running well because employees were scattered in several cities. Employees were not aware of the company’s activities, promotions, or the latest features that were being worked on. wanted all employees to contribute and share ideas and learn from each other. Many employees in the department did not know how their department was doing.

Workplace has not only proven to be a communication platform but enabled real business processes as follows.

  • Sharing market and competitor insights: All employees are responsible to help monitor market and competitors. This information is shared in Marketing, Technology, and Product group timely to help innovate and win over competition
  • Training distributed employees efficiently: Distributed employees can now be trained through Workplace live. The live video gets posted on the group so that employees who miss watching live can view it later
  • Structuring the communication in well-defined groups: Employees can easily share appropriate information with the right people in division/project specific groups in a structured way. Each department also shares updates about what they are doing, so employees from other departments can stay informed.
  • Reducing the need for in-person meetings: Workplace live and group video call help eliminate the need for in-person meetings. All employees are required to actively share information about what they are doing in departmental groups. This further keeps them updated and reduces the need for in-person meetings for simple updates.
  • Onboarding new employees more effectively: HR introduces all new employees on Workplace so that new employees feel welcomed and old ones can get to know them. On-boarding happens through well-structured workplace groups. This eliminates the re-work in sending everything via emails and reduces clutter.
  • Demystifying the organisation through org structure: Workplace org chart feature allows employees to understand the structure of a department easily than checking individual employee’s directories. Employees can stay aware of the latest org structure in a fast changing start up environment thus making it easier to coordinate work.
  • Generating ideas: A special group called ‘Sharing Ideas’ is used to encourage employees to share ideas. Employees who share good ideas are given an opportunity to execute the idea.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Onboard everyone on Workplace through a well-planned launch under senior leadership’s active guidance and role-modelling. Detailed resources on Workplace launch here.
  2. Identify top 3 use-cases or work-processes that Workplace will enable for each department on a daily basis. Pro tip: Identify processes that are used frequently (e.g., daily/weekly) and widely (i.e., by a large number of people). Assign ownership of implementation/adoption each use-case or work-process to a high performing champion
  3. Measure weekly engagement on your Workplace by creating detailed heat maps of engagement by location/department and take required interventions in low engagement locations/departments. Assess, document, recognise, and reward the progress and business impact of each of the identified use-cases for each department.

About is the largest B2B online marketplace in Indonesia, established in 2013, operating in a variety of business categories from MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) products to HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant & Café) and many more. Currently has 170 employees located in Alam Sutera, Jakarta, and Yogyakarta in Indonesia.

More about the company here.

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