Build a highly productive and motivated sales team with Workplace

Build a highly productive and motivated sales team with Workplace

Searce’s sales employees in the field had limited awareness of the wins, challenges, and learnings of their distributed colleagues across the globe. There was no platform to share the success stories individual sales people worked on.

Now a group called ‘Sales Stories’ on Workplace allows all the sales employees to share a small write-up about their wins. This enables them to share with everyone how they won, challenges they faced, and learnings they derived. It not only creates a repository of important sales skills acquired with various deal closures but helps employees be more productive by learning from each other and enhances their motivation through global recognition and appreciation.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  1. Create an open or a closed group as per your requirement. Add the Sales & Marketing team and the cross-functional leadership as members to this group. Allow posting permissions to everyone
  2. Make a pinned post with the basic template for write-up so that all stories cover the basic elements of situation, complication, resolution, impact, and learnings
  3. Encourage authors to tag and recognise cross-functional colleagues who made the success happen. Encourage leaders and colleagues to react on shared stories and congratulate each other

About Searce

Searce is an official partner of Workplace by Facebook. Searce creates engaging software products, improves business processes, and delivers high performance outcomes through their consulting engagements. With a strong belief that ‘Best practices are overrated’, Searce assembles a small, highly empowered team of top performing engineers and geeks who work to identify better ways of doing things. The innovation focused work culture ensures that the team is ‘encouraged to make mistakes’ and to question the status quo in order to improve processes and deliver transformation.

More about company here.

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