Boost your sales team training through Workplace Groups

La Positiva is one of the largest insurance companies in Peru, with over 80 years of experience in the market. They used to have a weak communication system with its sales teams located all over Peru. Their old training program included face-to-face training a few times a month with little follow-up or feedback which consequently resulted in prolonged client visits due to an undertrained sales team. There wasn’t a clear communication channel and the sales hub located in Lima took too long to answer every question the country-wide team might have.

Since Workplace was implemented, the varied array of groups helped strengthen the communication and boost training programs for the different sales teams by uploading content daily, having a clear measure of the amount of people who saw the post and testing them about what was uploaded. They created a collaborative platform promoting a “sharing culture” where everyone can help answer each other’s questions through groups posts, comments and group chats for more immediate answers which in turn spiked interest and motivation in the team members. The training groups were so successful that the average sales ticket went up almost 15% directly after they were implemented.

How to do it in your organization in three simple steps:

  • Create groups for the different teams that require constant communication and feedback
  • Standardize posts, upload content daily and initiate topics of discussions that might generate a learning opportunity.
  • Motivate employees by implementing rewards for giving insight such as “the best sales tip of the week”

About La Positiva Seguros y Reaseguros

La Positiva Seguros y Reaseguros is one of the four biggest insurance companies in Peru. It has 80 years of experience, 38 subsidiaries, 2000 points of sale and 3.7 million insured clients nationwide.

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