Book a room for work travel through a Workplace group

Being in the hospitality business, it is natural that employees of Ennismore, owner of The Hoxton, would need to travel to their properties often. However, before Workplace, the process was cumbersome and it took time to understand who was responsible for approving the transaction and confirming the reservation. You would need to find the correct form, complete it, print it, get it signed, scan it and then email it to the revenue team… but who in the revenue team…?

Now, the process is much smoother and quicker, covering every key step in a Workplace group pinned post.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps:

  1. Create a Group to Book a ‘Work Bed’: In the case of The Hoxton, they created an open group for all sites and added the revenue and reservation teams – all other membership required approval.  For best practice, at least two group administrators were designated to manage and monitor the group.
  2. Pin a post: The pinned post should include instructions and a template post for bookers. At The Hoxton, this includes all the key information required for approval – e.g. Post to this group and include Trip details (Site, Dates, Reason for travel) & Approval details (@mention the relevant revenue person – a list of the revenue team was also included in the pinned post). The revenue contact comments to sign off and @mentions the relevant reservation team member. The reservation team member then comments once booked. An automated email is sent from the booking system. All done in three quick posts. If someone wants to cancel or amend the booking, they comment on the original post.
  3. Communicate to your target audience: The new group was promoted through the Workplace Tips group. Any documents where the process was referenced were updated to ensure everyone knows where to go moving forward.

About Ennismore:

Founded in 2012, Ennismore’s mission is to create hospitality brands that inspire discovery. A London and New York-based developer and operator of unique hospitality properties around the world, the Ennismore family comprises The Hoxton, a series of open-house hotels (inspired by the streets and scenes that surround them); Gleneagles, the iconic glorious playground in the Scottish Highlands; NoCo, a brand that will reinvent the budget hotel model, and standalone restaurants Breddos Tacos, EGGBREAK and Tandoor Chop House. In 2017, Ennismore branched out into products, launching Gleneagles & Co, a range of artisan fine foods, and Blank, a bathroom amenities line that you’ll find in The Hoxton.

More about Ennismore here.

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