Announce admin initiatives and get feedback using Workplace groups

Announce admin initiatives and get feedback using Workplace groups

BlazeClan, headquartered in Pune, India, has a well-distributed operational footprint with teams in five owned offices apart  from those working in customer offices at various locations. Their admin team, sitting in Pune, works hard to provide all facilities and benefits to these distributed employees. However, they found getting reviews, feedbacks, acceptance for initiatives over emails and spread sheets inefficient. They wanted a communication channel to reach everyone around the globe at same time. With Workplace now this has become extremely easy.

The Admin/Facilities team which always worked in a small corner of an office now got their own group – a small place on the platform which they own. They use this group to do polls, gather feedback, share announcements about new initiatives, etc. People regardless of their location can now hear them out, talk to them, and appreciate their initiatives. For example, the team recently announced that they would be changing the prevailing lighting system to improve energy efficiency. After the change they asked employees to give feedback and got a lot of useful and candid responses.

How to do it in your organisation in three simple steps

  • Create an ‘Open’ ‘Announcements’ type group. Make this as a default group for your organisation in order to make all employees its members by default
  • Name this group appropriately, e.g., ‘Admin Announcements @companyname’ or ‘Facilities Announcements @companyname’. Make the key team members as the admins of this group
  • Start making announcements using posts in this group. Make the experience more engaging by using polls, asking recommendations, collecting feedback, etc.

Workplace has changed the way we work. Earlier we would struggle to get feedback from employees, hardly 10% employees interacted via mails. We now get over 85% engagement from all across the globe on our activities. We have suddenly got our identity and our work is getting noticed as well as appreciated. We feel more connected and encouraged” – Pallavi Shrivastava (Head – Admin) and Neha Suttalu (Admin- Shared Services)

About the company

BlazeClan is an official deployment partner for Workplace by Facebook.

Their vision is to become world’s leading Cloud Consulting company, delivering business value to customers with highest level of Customer Satisfaction. Through the revolutionary cloud technologies, they enable their customers to leverage the benefits of agility, reduced cost of operation, decreased time to market, and the scalability of enterprise workloads.

More about the company here.

Credits: Thanks to Aishwarya Patil from BlazeClan for sharing this story.

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